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Steel inspection


All employees are trained to be thoroughly familiar with all products - steel specifications, capabilities and properties. Furthermore, we have staffed our own metallurgist who advises on standards, different levels in the quality of steel products and other material properties which enables the customer to select the right product for the right application.

Steel ultrasound testing


All items in our product range conform to the EN 10204 3.1 certification process. Additionally, various inspections and material tests can be carried out upon request, both destructive and non-destructive. The most common type of destructive testing consists of additional 3.2 testing under the supervision of Lloyd’s or another independent inspection body.

Materials can also be inspected prior to being shipped, either by the customer or an independent inspection body appointed by the customer.

Steel customer dedicated inventories


All customers are catered to via the general inventories, but in some cases specific inventories are reserved in order to serve a single customer, based on the particular customer’s projected purchasing requirements. This ensures that the customers attain sufficient materials without having to maintain extensive inventories themselves.


Such a service is particularly appropriate for those customers who specialize in standard production, such as Original Equipment Manufacturers. Customer-specific inventories are also maintained for large projects.

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