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Oxyacetylene cutting


All kinds of steel products can be cut according to customer-specific dimensions using mechanical cutting discs or by oxy-acetylene cutting. As such, we provide customized sizes for a wide range of products.

Steel Beams shot blasting and painting


All items in the product range can be shot-blasted and primed. Up to Sa 2.5 shot-blasting can be done as per the international ISO 8501-1 and/or the Swedish SIS 055900:1967 standard. Priming can be done using either an epoxy shop primer or a zinc based primer in red or grey.

Priming of steel is recommended if a part is to be exposed to moisture, as the primer forms a layer over the steel that protects it from corrosion. Application of zinc primer is quite similar to galvanising, but does not provide an ultimate protection of the steel as galvanising does. It is a cheaper but less effective method of protection.

Steel beams grinding


In addition to shot-blasting, all steel products can also be chemically cleaned. Depending on the contamination of the component supplied and the desired delivery state of the product, the overall treatment can be more extensive.

A number of options are available and include one or more of the following processes of cleaning, depending on the level of contamination.

Degreasing and cleaning:

contaminants such as oil and grease are removed and the surface is cleaned.

removal of layers of oxidation, annealing and mill scale by surface grinding.
Derusting and phosphating:

treatment using a mild acidic solution to remove rust and form a rust-preventing coat

Oiling and/or primer coating steel for long-term protection from corrosion.

Steel hot dipped galvanizing


Most products across the range (certain products are limited by size) can be galvanised upon request. Hot-dipped galvanising involves immersing the material in a bath of liquid zinc. Once it solidifies, the zinc layer acquires a matte appearance. The thickness of the zinc layer depends on the thickness of the material to be galvanised and chemistry of the steel.


All hot-dipped galvanising is carried out as per EN/ISO 1461 and ASTM A123 specifications for galvanising.

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