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Global Construction Sector Bears the Brunt of Recent Steel Price Hikes

MEPS International Ltd. reports that in the period January to September 2017, the average cost of steel, purchased for use in the global construction sector, increased by 18.7 percent. Less substantial, but double-digit steel price rises were also recorded for steel used in the shipbuilding industry and machinery manufacturing sectors – according to data contained in the company’s September report – International Steel Review.

It is interesting to note that, despite the substantial upturn in the company’s published global average steel price for the construction sector, North American steel producers were, largely, unable to join the latest recovery in selling values, during the same period.

MEPS’ analysis indicates that global market prices, for steel products, used in construction, may falter in the medium term. However, average steel selling figures in early October, for supply to the main consuming regions, remain reasonably firm. Mill selling figures are predicted to continue to follow a similar pattern to the end of the year.

Traditional steel price decreases resulting from, weather related, market demand are likely to be partially offset by the high cost of mill input raw materials and consumables. However, the prospects of declining prices in the early months of 2018 are ever-present.

Source: MEPS

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